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HP Smart app download using 123.hp.com

To download & install the HP Smart App with reference to the proper HP Printer registration makes the best on printing output/end-result. Make use of the hp.com/123 to get a clear perception of the HP Smart App concerning the HP Printer you have chosen. Utilize the easy add-up printer option to start the wireless and effortless printing work. Connect to the App-store to download the HP Smart app and install it. Open and connect through the home page to register the printer using the on-screen prompts. Once done, start the print, copy, scan, and sometimes fax using the compatible system support.

hp envy printer

It is highly recommended for excellent printing and managing the schoolwork, Office document, home usage, and for selecting photos. It is suitable for home usage for the most. Utilize the HP + while the printer setup procedure and obtain up to 6 months of HP Instant Ink which includes one-year additional HP Customer support. Simply connect through the proper HP Printer configuration and begin the printing work seamlessly with the support of www.hp.com/123.

They are compact and All-in-one printer that can enormously performs excellently on printing and other co-works. Whereas, Officejet printers are trademark series of printers Production exclusively. They are also called as Inkjet printers and they can primarily be recommended for Office purposes only. They are highly best on print, scan, and Fax with all standards of document size.

hp officejet pro printer

HP Officejet Pro printer modules are designed in such a way to give the best for the small-business sectors and other home usage needs. It can bring a faster and larger input & output drawer with the best printing features. It comes at affordable prices for ideal printing purposes. Make use of the hp.com/123 to know more in detail about the Printer types.

In general, the HP Deskjet printers are designed and allotted for basic printer purposes like home & small business work. These are the HP Printer’s type that is especially worked for inkjets and it is recommended for the desk-purpose like office & home-usage. This HP Deskjet printer produces High-quality printing on photos and with references to the printer specifications.

HP Printer Setup

Get complete instructions on how to set up your printer initially at ease:

ePrint app

Want your work to be done easier & smarter? ePrint enables the users to let their desired printing or other jobs to be done easier using their smartphones or tablet at home, at work, or in any other space. It is easy to install and operate using your HP Printer module. For more ePrint features on your HP Printer and knowledge, use hp.com/123.

Cloud printing

Get the secured printing access and storage? You can prefer Cloud-print service to get highly benefited with easy HP Cloud queues and for the easy authentication with reference to the www.hp.com/123, HP Printer support or MFP. Simply use the desired printer model and operate your print work seamlessly.

Mobile Printing

To establish the wireless printing process from anywhere at your location? You can select the Mobile printing features that can terribly complete your printing job with simple steps to do. You can directly use the Smartphone or tablet with easy main approaches that involve direct communication between the mobile and the HP Printer. For more support www.hp.com/123.

Setup HP Printer Through hp.com/123 - Step By Step Process

Get complete instructions on how to set up your hp printer initially at ease:

  1. To begin with, you have to unpack the new HP printer box and lift the printer with care.
  2. Move on with the basic connection setup using the HP Manual or hp.com/123 given to start the initial printer setup using the stable power connection.
  3. Utilize the compatible system to interface the printer with a proper port connection from the backside of the printer to the electric socket.
  4. Switch ON the desired printer and stack the needed paper sheets into the input tray. Try to adjust the guide to avoid paper jams or other troubleshooting issues.
  5. Then, make sure with the other ink cartridges into their slots by unpacking the new ink cartridges from the packing.
  6. Confirm with the basic essentials of the printer and change the HP printer’s start-up settings.
  7. Download and install the latest HP Printer’s driver software from the HP Official page. Ensure the driver setup using the windows settings> Devices> Printers & Scanners.
HP Printer Setup Guidelines
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Install HP Printer software and drivers on mobile device or computer Using hp.com/123

You can contact us at any time or visit our site for  instructions on HP Driver Installation.

HP Printer Wireless Setup

Give a Break for your connectives (USB cords)? Yes, enjoy the advanced wireless features with a wireless-enabled HP Printer module that can evidently bring the best result on printing work. Connect through the advanced wireless features settings using the standard network support and begin the best out of it. Arrange the printer and compatible system using the same Wi-Fi network support. Use the printer’s control panel to choose the Wireless setup> Network settings> Wi-Fi setup. Select the required wireless method and start the wireless setup arrangements using the on-screen. Complete the HP printer wireless setup.

HP Printer Wired Setup

Take the support of USB cables given to the new HP Printer box and ensure you have received the well-conditioned USB cables to start the wired setup on your desired HP Printer model. Take the instant support from the HP Printer Manual to begin the effortless and proper USB cable connection with reference to the printer ports available.

Get the best on wireless setup using steady network support & handling? Start the printing work by selecting the required document to be printed and initiate the print work effortlessly.

hp.com/123 setup with windows

  1. Switch ON the desired HP printer and arrange the paper sheets into the input tray. Attempt to adjust the guide to avoid paper jams or other troubleshooting issues.
  2. Make use of the HP Manual or www.hp.com/123 and insert the respective ink cartridges into their slots by unpacking the new ink cartridges from the packing.
  3. Confirm with the other follow-on printer needs and change the HP printer’s start-up settings.
  4. Download and install the latest HP Printer’s driver software from the HP Official page. Ensure the driver setup using the windows settings> Devices> Printers & Scanners

123.hp.com/setup with mac

  1. Take the quality paper sheets and arrange the required sheets into the input tray and adjust using the guide support.
  2. Try to unpack the new ink cartridges and slot them according to the color specified.
  3. If everything is fine with respect to the hp.com/123 support, you are ready with the active printer setup using the Mac system.
  4. Connect through the HP Official page and download & install the latest HP Printer’s driver software that suits your Mac.
  5. Confirm the driver setup using the Apple icon> System preferences>Printers & Scanners.

123 hp com Setup with Mobile phone

  1. Try to open the active & installed HP Smart app, select the check box to agree to the Terms & Conditions, and tap Start.
  2. Choose the Printer, and give Continue. The app searches for and detects printers connected to the wireless network.
  3. If your desired printer is not found or your printer is not in the list of detected printers, choose Set up a New Printer or Add Printer.
  4. If prompted, mention the required password or passphrase for your wireless network and give Continue.
  5. For more support and help- use hp.com/123.
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Are you looking for wireless setup steps?

Then we will be the right destination to make your process get done at ease. These are the steps to connect your HP printer wirelessly.

  • Turn on the HP Printer and computer.
  • Connect the computer and printer to the same wireless network.
  • Then, check the device is installed with the latest printer driver software or not.
  • If not, download and install the compatible driver.
  • In the computer device, go to settings and click on network settings.
  • Under wireless settings, click on the wireless setup wizard and follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • After that, your printer device will search for the active wireless network and connect to it automatically.
  • The HP Printer wireless setup process is over. Still, any issues found, call us!

Follow the instructions given below for the USB connection:

  • Turn on the 123hp printer and the printer.
  • Now check whether your USB cable is ready and having issues or damage.
  • Next, connect one end of the USB cable to the printer and the other to the computer system.
  • After USB connection, download and install the printer driver or software.
  • Once you have completed the installation steps, choose USB connectivity to continue with the further steps.
  • After completing all the above steps, print a new document to check the reliability of the USB connection.
  • And these steps are similar for both MAC and Windows 10.