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Do you think will meet all your printing needs? Yes! HP printers are known to offer excellent printing, copying and scanning essentials at ease. Here, you will find all the necessary details like setup, printer driver download and install, instructions for wireless setup, USB connection, and more for both MAC and Windows 10.

HP Printer Setup Guidelines

Get complete instructions on how to set up your printer initially at ease:

  • Uncover the printer and the printer accessories.
  • Choose a flat surface that is away from direct sunlight to fix your printer device.
  • Then connect the power cord of your printer device to a wall outlet.
  • Switch on the electrical socket to turn on your device.
  • Now fix the cartridges by opening the access door.
  • After fixing the cartridges firmly, do not forget to close the access door tightly.
  • Then move to the paper tray, clean it once, and place the required quantity of quality papers.
  • Once the process is over, it’s time to brighten up your home or workplace with stunning new print outs.

HP Smart App Installation Steps

The steps to install the Smart App to your printer device are as follows. Follow the guidelines listed below and make the installation process easier:

  • The first and foremost step is to boot up your printer device.
  • Then connect your printer device with the computer of your choice.
  • Next, browse for the official website where you can download and install the HP Smart App.
  • Just enter your printer model, you will get the Smart APP to be installed.
  • Now, follow the set of instructions to easily download and install the Smart App for your HP Printer.
  • After installation, you will have to promptly register your printer model to the particular Smart APP application.

Printer driver download and installation steps:

Driver download is now made simpler. Just follow the set of instructions listed below to download and install an appropriate printer driver software within minutes for both your MAC and Windows 10:

  • To download and install the original, latest, and the updated printer driver software, go to
  • Then enter your printer model, you will be listed with the right printer driver software files to download.
  • Follow the installation steps to install it, if you cannot install or if your printer is not found, move on with downloading the general printer driver software.
  • To start off with the installation process, click to open the HP Driver file. Now, you should choose the network connectivity step.
  • Whatever you choose, either USB connection or Wireless setup, follow the guidelines we have stated above to complete the driver download process. Now, choose a file that you want to print. setup  insall hp smart app

How to set up your printer device wirelessly?

Are you looking for wireless setup steps? Then will be the right destination to make your process get done at ease. Here, you will find all the relevant steps to connect your printer wirelessly.

  • The first step towards wireless setup is that you should check whether your computer device either with Windows 10 or MAC operating system and the router is using the same active and buffer-free wireless network.
  • Then, check whether your device is already installed with the latest printer driver software.
  • Now, your router and the network should be free from network overload issue, if you find this issue prompting, then you will have to reset your router settings by clicking the reset button for at least 8 seconds.
  • Then move to your printer, if your printer shows any IP address issue, then you will have to fix it.
  • In the computer device, choose an option that states restore network settings that is present under the settings menu.
  • Now on the wireless setup wizard present in your printer, click on the wireless settings option. After that, your printer device will search for the active wireless network and will connect to it automatically and the wireless setup process is all over.

Instructions to set up your printer using a USB:

The USB connection is simpler and effective when you follow the instructions given below:

  • Check whether your printer device is active and turned on.
  • Look into whether your computer device is in an active mode to proceed with the USB connection process.
  • Now check whether your USB cable is ready and it is reliable without any issues or damage.
  • Next, connect one end of the USB cable to your printer and the other end to the computer system.
  • After connecting the USB cable in the specific ports move into downloading and installing the particular printer driver or software.
  • Once you have perfectly completed the installation steps as listed above, choose USB connectivity to continue with the further steps.
  • After completing all the above steps, choose a new document that you want to print and try printing it, to check the reliability of the USB connection.
  • And these steps are similar for both MAC and Windows 10.

For more driver download troubleshooting steps, you can contact us at any time or visit our site for instant or immediate instructions to resolve the issues.

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