HP Officejet 250 Setup

Instructions for HP Officejet 250 Setup, Driver download, Wifi connect and Troubleshooting.

HP Officejet 250 Setup Support

HP Officejet 250 printer is the most advanced printer apt for residential and small-scale businesses. By installing the HP Smart app, the user can print and scan seamlessly from the device. Download the driver from 123.hp.com/setup 250 to get authentic and the latest version of the driver.

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How to set up your HP Officejet 250 printer?

Complete the HP OfficeJet 250 printer setup for the first time by following the below procedure.

  • Take the HP Officejet 250 printer from the shipment
  • Remove all the stickers both inside and outside of the printer.
  • Examine the printer and its technical tools for any damages.
  • Place the HP printer on a plain surface and link it to the wall outlet
  • Turn ON the HP printer.
  • Remove the seal and Fix the ink cartridges in the cartridge slots.
  • Fetch the document feeder with enough A4 sheets.
  • Open the control panel on the HP printer.
  • Provide all the user information, date, time on the printer.
  • Finally, connect the HP printer and computer with the same wireless network.
  • Complete the HP Officejet 250 printer setup.

How to connect your HP Officejet 250 printer wirelessly?

For HP Officejet 250 wireless setup in MAC and Windows 10, you can follow all the instructions that are listed below. By utilizing the steps that are given below you can easily establish a wireless setup at ease.

  • Turn ON the HP printer by pressing the power button.
  • Switch ON the router and ensure the network flow is solid
  • Open the control panel, click network setup.
  • Go to wireless settings and select wireless setup wizard
  • It searches for the available Wi-Fi network and lists the same
  • Now select the required home network.
  • Type the password and fill in other necessities.
  • Click the OK button completes the Wi-Fi setup.
  • Now link the HP Officejet 250 printer and take a sample test

For more driver download And troubleshooting steps

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How to download and install HP Officejet 250 driver software for Windows 10?

After completing the HP Officejet 250 setup process, you can move on with the HP Officejet 3835 driver download process for Windows 10:

  • Complete the basic setup on HP Officejet 250 printer
  • Switch ON HP printer using the power button
  • Turn ON the windows, update the windows to the latest version.
  • Connect the HP printer and the computer to a Wi-Fi network
  • Open browser in windows and type 123.hp.com/oj 250
  • Search for the HP printer driver to download.
  • Complete the driver download and double click on it to extract it for installation.
  • Restart the operating system and click the start button > settings
  • Press the printer and scanners option.
  • It automatically finds the HP printer and then click the add button.
  • If the HP printer is not present, enter the printer and its model number manually.
  • Press the add button to add the printer.
  • Now choose any document in the windows to take sample print.

How to download and install HP Officejet 250 Driver Software for MAC?

To download and install the HP Officejet 250 driver follow the methods below.

  • Turn ON the HP printer and place enough paper in the paper tray.
  • Remove the cartridge seal and position the ink cartridges into the slots safely.
  • Turn ON MAC and link the HP printer and the MAC to a wireless network.
  • Open the browser in the MAC and manually type 123.hp.com/oj 250
  • Go down to select the suitable driver file
  • Go through the rules which appear on-screen to complete the HP printer driver download on MAC.
  • After installation, restart the MAC.
  • Click the Apple icon, select the applications.
  • Select the printer and scanners option, search for the printer.
  • The HP Officejet 250 driver will automatically add the printer.
  • Now choose any document to take sample print from MAC.